Tazo Turmeric Bliss Herbal Tea, Tea Bags, 20 Count


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Tazo Turmeric Bliss Herbal Tea, Tea Bags, 20 Count

  • Brand: TAZO

Tazo Turmeric Bliss Herbal Tea is a tasty and slightly sweet decaf herbal tea. This turmeric tea features radiant flavored tea with the blend of aromatic golden turmeric, tantalizing sweet passionfruit and bright notes of ginger root and licorice. It will make you daydream of the tropics and the Southern Seas. Also, this turmeric calming tea delights tea explorers craving delicious flavors from around the world.

Do you want to hear about the history and the mystery of turmeric? In the past, turmeric was known as an important ingredient of the natural Indian healing system. It is called “Ayurvedic” which means “science of life.” That is why turmeric is getting a radiant herbal infusion for soothing the soul and comforting the body. This calming tea is carefully presented in 20 individually wrapped tea bags to maintain its evoking flavor and aroma. These flavored teas are expertly sourced and quality tasted for you. With the Turmeric Bliss tea bags, you can make an excellent hot tea or an incredibly delicious iced tea. Add a bag of turmeric tea to your favorite cup, top it up with hot water and let it brew for five minutes. Relax, cool down and feel the serenity of the Caribbean Sea when you experience a cup of Tazo Turmeric Bliss Herbal Tea. 

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