Refund Policy

Were always here for you. On the rare occasion something goes awry, our trusted customer service team is happy to offer a solution!.

For all domestic orders, if an item is missing, damaged or you are not satisfied with it, you may visit our Online Service Center to request a refund or replacement item within 30 days of your purchase.

(For information on orders shipped outside the U.S., please click here.)

We will update you as soon as your request has been processed or contact you by email if any additional information is required to process your request. In certain situations, descriptions and/or photos may be required.

Note that any request for a refund or replacement may be subject to review by our Customer Service team; completing the submission process is not a guarantee that it will be approved.
Replacements are subject to availability and will be shipped at no additional cost.
Refunds are issued to your original payment method for the purchase price of the item. If any promo codes were applied to the order or if the item was purchased on sale, you’ll be refunded the amount that you paid after any applied discounts. Please allow 2-3 business days for the refund to reflect in your account, depending on your financial institution.
To be eligible for refund or replacement, the request must be made within 30 days of purchase.
Do you accept returns?
We do not accept returns. We have this policy in an effort to protect the safety of our employees, save you the hassle of re-packing/shipping items and to reduce the environmental impact of shipping the same item multiple times. We recommend checking product packaging, details and reviews of an item before purchase.

If you are not satisfied with an unopened, undamaged item, we encourage you to pass it along to someone who may be interested in it or donate it to an appropriate person or organization, after submitting your request for a refund.

What if I received a damaged or defective item?
We follow strict packing processes and utilize effective materials to ensure your items stay protected on their way to you. Unfortunately, ship happens and it’s possible that your package might incur damage during shipment. In some rare cases, an item may be defective.

If you receive a damaged or defective item in your order, please request a refund or replacement (you can do it online with just a few clicks!) and wait until your request is approved before discarding any damaged boxes, packaging, or products, as we may request pictures of any damages to help in the processing of your request.

Pictures of the damaged product or order in the condition it was received help our packing teams improve. If any additional information is required to process your request, we will contact you by email.

What if an item is missing, or if I received the incorrect item?
Missing item:

If your order is missing an item, it may have shipped separately from a different fulfillment center and arrive in a different box at a later date. You can track each package and see which products were shipped in each box.

If all boxes for your order have been delivered and an item listed in the enclosed packing slip is missing from your order, you can request a refund or replacement with just a few clicks at our Online Service Center.

Incorrect item:

If you received an incorrect item in your order, please contact us. If the product you received is similar to the product pictured online, you may have received an updated version of the product with a new label and/or similar name. We may request pictures of the product you received to help in the processing of your refund or replacement request.

How do I cancel or modify an order?
If your order is placed while logged into your account, there is a very limited window of time, approximately 15 minutes from the time the order was placed, in which you are able to cancel it or make specific changes, including removing items and/or changing your shipping address and method by visiting the My Account page. Note that you cannot add items to your order once it has been placed.

Once the limited window of time has passed, an order cannot be modified, even by our team.

For orders placed using Guest Checkout, no changes or modifications can be made.

What if I entered the incorrect shipping address?
Within the limited window immediately after placing your order (approximately 15 minutes), you may be able to log into your mystiana account and edit your shipping address if your order was placed while logged into your account. Outside of this window of time, please contact us via email immediately and we will do everything we can to re-route your package to the correct address. However, depending on the shipping carrier and the packages status, we may not be able to re-route your package.

You are responsible for ensuring the information in your order is correct; we cannot offer refunds or replacements on orders for which the incorrect shipping address was entered at checkout.

What if an item is canceled from my order?
Occasionally, item(s) or orders may be canceled by us for various reasons, including (but not limited to):

Item(s) out of stock and unavailable for shipment
Issues in processing your payment information
If your order or item(s) in your order are canceled, we will send an email notification listing the reason for cancellation. You will not be charged for any canceled items that are not shipped.

Cold packs and heat-sensitive items
Certain items, including select probiotic supplements, are refrigerated in our warehouse to ensure quality and are shipped with a FREE cold pack. Although the cold pack will thaw during shipping and may not be cold when it arrives, it helps maintain a cooler temperature during transit. When ordering these items, select the fastest shipping method to your daytime location.
When ordering heat-sensitive items, such as chocolate candy or gummy vitamins during summer months, select the fastest shipping method to your daytime location. We cannot guarantee that these items will not melt during transit, and shipping to certain locations during hot weather is not recommended.

Items that are shipped with a cold pack or are otherwise heat sensitive include specific messaging and instructions on product pages, in the shopping cart and at checkout. These items are not eligible for replacement in the event that they warm or melt during shipping. Refund requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

What if the item I receive is expired?
We follow specific protocol, including conducting frequent inventory checks, to ensure were delivering you the freshest items possible. In the unlikely event that you receive an item that’s expired, please contact us directly so we can solve the issue and investigate the inventory of the item in question.

What if my package shows as Delivered but I did not receive it?
If your order status or tracking details show that your package was delivered, but you can’t locate it, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before taking action, as order status or tracking details may sometimes be changed ahead of a packages delivery. Once that time has passed, try the following:

Look for a notice of attempted delivery.
Check nearby spots where the package may have been left.
Ask a neighbor if they accepted a delivery on your behalf.
Verify the shipping address on your order to ensure it was correct.
If you’ve followed the above steps and your package still cannot be located, please contact us directly so we can help.

Tips for protecting your packages from theft:

Ship to a secure location.
Track your package so you know approximately when it will arrive.
Join up with your neighbors to look out for each others deliveries.
Install a doorbell or security camera.
Consider purchasing a secure package locker or box for your porch.
What is your refund policy for orders shipped outside the United States?
For orders shipped outside the U.S., if an item is missing, damaged or you are not satisfied with it, please contact us via email to request a refund within 60 days of your purchase.

Due to both customs regulations and shipping costs, we unfortunately cannot issue replacements for items or orders shipped outside of the U.S.

As regulations change constantly, we strongly recommend that you check with your local authorities for information on regulations that may affect your ability to receive your order.

Third-party shippers and international freight forwarders

If you elect to use an outside carrier or service, we cannot issue a refund for any item or order. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss that occurs due to handling of your order by an outside carrier. If you experience any kind of damage or loss when using this type of service, please contact the third-party company for remedy.